CBD oil and planes: yay or nay?

Planning on bringing CBD oil on your next vacation within the US? If you’re wondering whether or not the TSA can detain you for flying with it, the short answer is no — the long answer is nobody knows for sure.

Even though recreational cannabis use has become legal in some states, the TSA operates under federal law. Cannabis, unfortunately, is still prohibited federally, and as such, the TSA can stop you if you’re carrying THC products. CBD however, falls in a legal gray area, especially if it’s derived from hemp. Here’s where it gets tricky: most CBD products sold in dispensaries are derived from cannabis. So, check your labels: if your CBD oil packaging says anything about industrial hemp, or if it lists the THC content as below 0.3%, you should be good. As always, check to make sure that your bottle is also under 3.4 ounces in volume.


Source: High Times – Can You Bring CBD Oil On Planes?