Throwing a party? Forget jungle juice. Here’s CBD water.

As more and more industries piggyback off the hype surrounding CBD, a burgeoning trend comes in the form of CBD water, or CBD-infused water. However, there’s a complicated technology involved with its making: most CBD water uses nanotechnology to shrink CBD isolate into tiny particles, which are then attached to H2O molecules. This process maximizes the amount of CBD our bodies can absorb.
After it’s been absorbed into the body, the magical medicinal qualities of CBD start working. It’s anti-inflammatory, meaning it is the perfect hangover cure and eases head-, stomach-, and body aches. It’s also a great social lubricant, considering more and more patients are substituting taking CBD in the place of medication like Xanax.
Think about offering a pitcher of CBD water at your next party. Besides your carpets (from alcohol-induced vomiting), your friends will thank you from preventing pounding headaches while also helping along social interaction.
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